Freelance Art Director

ARI Career Page

Three Major Stages of Design

This started as  a simple design modification to hold the client over until the entire site could be redesigned. In the first round round they wanted to highlight “best places to work”,  and add icons on right side bar. The also wanted  to add links to Benefits, ARI University, Testimonials, and Human Resources.  I had to keep the video, search options and login area. The search and login were tough because they were a third party and couldn’t be changed . The end result was a design consistent with the look and feel of the rest of the site with all the needs meet within budget and time frame.

The second stage was a redesign, the top nav had to stay as well as the tabs and video, I moved the search and login to a new tab. Then went to a full width picture of their office in the background to make the page more appealing. The photos for the background and header image were from a previous shoot. This also helped to keep costs down. I also move the 100 best to the header for a more prominent location. The bottom three sections are redundant navigation to the tabs

The final stage was to go to a large “person” shot in the background and loose the header image. Over all I think the design keeps the feel of ARI brand while giving a fresh look to the Career area. The tabs allow everything to be kept together within the new look.



  • Client D4 - ARI
  • Skills Design, Photoshop,
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