Freelance Art Director

Welcome to TVfarmer Designs!

  • Three Major Stages of Design This started as  a simple design modification to hold the client over until the entire site could be redesigned. In the first round round they wanted to highlight “best places to work”,  and add icons on right side bar. The also wanted  to add links to Benefits,[...]
  • D4 Creative Agency Promotional Pieces. This was a agency promotional piece produced each year, Each designer was allowed to choose (2+) months to work on.We were given a lot of creative freedom to create content that was relevant to the overall theme we came up with each year. A client favorite.
  • Rotating Banners. iDesigned multiple rotating banners with versions in german. The Awards banner was composed of multiple images and incorporated the logo I designed and illustrated. There are different color /text variations corresponding to what award it actually is. Masterserve is a division of ARI Fleet.
  • I love old cars! Illustration bases off of photos that I took at a car show.
  • Custom Die cut folder with 8 inserts.  


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